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Hi folks, I'm Frank Anderson and I'm the owner of a small construction company and the creator of this web site, Door Frames. You may ask yourself, why a web site about door frames? Can anything be more boring? Well, quite frankly (no pun intended), one of the things in a construction project most people take for granted is a well functioning door. And it's not the door itself that makes a high-functioning door, it's the frame. And so I'm going to focus this site on this much ignored piece of of home or business construction. Take a moment to look around, read an article and look at some pictures. And if you have any questions, please drop me a line. Thanks and take care.

Learn How to Install Steel Door Frames

The major function of the door is to allow entry and exit into a building or structure and also offer a certain level of protection to the people and property when it is closed. Steel door frames are widely used in situations where risks of intrusions or fires are high. Steel doors are also preferred because of their resistance to corrosion and attack elements like termites.

If you are a building enthusiast or just interested in steel doors, the information below will guide you on how to install steel door frames.

Here are the essential tools needed to get the job done;

Screw driver
Pry bar
Drill and bit set

Here are the necessary materials to get the job done;

Steel door frames
Plaster coating

Follow the following steps carefully so that you don’t damage your steel door frames.

1.Remove existing molding.

This is done in case you are just replacing existing steel door frames. Carefully remove the molding from the wall using a pry until the mold is all gone. Use the screw drivers to remove the hinge pins and pull out the hinges and the door. Next, use the drill to remove the steel door frame, sills and jams. You should only perform this step if there is an existing door.

2.Frame the wall.

Make sure that the wall around the door is properly structured and then set the steel door frames in position. Secure a pair of 2×4 stocks jointly and position them within the wall as a brace. Remove the studs from both sides of the steel door frames and change them with the metal ones. After this, use the screws to attach the studs directly into the existing sill. The same procedure should be done to the header wall frame as well.

If you want to go ahead with fitting a new door, you will need help from another person. It’s not possible to fix a new door on your own. To do this, put the door at the front of the opening and then lean it into position. Use the shims for leveling the door and place it in position. Most of the steel door frames come with interior support to ensure that the door remains straight.

Next, still using the shims, put the steel door in place between the jambs and level it by fine-tuning the shims on both sides. Using the screws, fix the lock-set side of the steel door frames to the stud. Ensure that the door is leveled and can easily open then tighten the screws if need be.

That is basically how you install steel door frames. Make sure to patch the wall around the door after fitting the door. Get rid of the previous wallboard and put the new wallboard in place.

Plaster and tape the wallboard are you are good to go. In case you get stuck, consult a certified engineer to ensure that your steel door frames are fitted correctly.

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